My most favorite dessert of all desserts is pie. People celebrate our crust (it could bring about world peace if given the opportunity). Flaky, buttery, tenderness it is. But we don’t skimp on the filling, either. Nothing out of season. Love our peach pie? It’s because we wait until peaches are in season and perfect. You won’t see our Peach Pie in January. Not. Gonna. Happen. Thank us in July.

  • Pecan Pie (available gluten free)
  • Southern Sweet Potato (available gluten free)
  • Dutch Apple
  • Caramel Apple (available gluten free)
  • Chess (many varieties)
  • Peaches n’ Cream (available gluten free)
  • Blueberry-Crumb
  • Spontaneous Surprises
  • Ask us about of vegan pies!
Chess Pie with fresh berries
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Mini Maine Event pies
Pecan pies
Southern Sweet Potato pies