{served 11 am - 3 pm}

all lunch items are vegan unless you request dairy cheese
{gf=gluten free, sf=soy free}



kale yeah salad: kale. carrots. purple cabbage. house-made love+magic dressing

gf + sf

{soup} ... all vegan

curry lentil: coconut milk. lentils. veggies. spices.

house chili: beans. veggies. deliciousness

mackin' cheese: housemade, vegetable based vegan cheese sauce served over gluten-free brown rice noodles.

{burgers} ... all vegan

sweet burger:

house-made. organic mixed greens. tomato. vegan magic spread. ketchup. house-made whole wheat bun.

make it funky burger:

sweet burger patty. house-made bbq sauce. caramelized onions. facon bacon. organic mixed greens. tomato. vegan magic spread. dairy cheddar or vegan cheese.

tom’s throwback burger:

sweet burger patty. dairy cheddar or vegan cheddar. ketchup. mustard. pickles

southwest burger:

our sweet burger patty with organic, mixed greens, tomato, crispy onion rings and a ridiculous southwest sauce!

all burgers, sandwiches, and wraps are served with your choice of kale yeah salad or billy goat chips EXCLUDING bell.hooks’ nachos, alice.walker’s so fresh so clean bowl, and maya.angelou’s smokin’ mackin’ cheese (side portion)

{sandwiches + wraps + bowls & such} ... all

sf, gf available

zora.neale.hurston’s best vegan sandwich ... ever:

black-eyed pea hummus. organic mixed greens. moroccan-spiced carrots, agave-lime pickled red onions. cilantro chutney. house-made organic grilled ciabatta.

sf, gf

bell.hooks’ house nachos:

corn tortillas. house-made vegan chili. vegan cheese sauce. tomato-veggie pico. cilantro chutney. coconut sour cream

+ avocado

j.california.cooper’s vegan blt:

vegan bacon, organic mixed greens, tomato, and vegan magic spread on grilled, organic ciabatta

sf, gf available

octavia.butler’s house burrito:

house-made vegan chili. quinoa. vegan cheese sauce or cheddar cheese. cilantro chutney. tomato-veggie pico. whole wheat tortilla

sonia.sanchez’s spicy love chik’n wrap:

crispy maple-sriracha sauced chik’n, organic mixed greens. tomato-veggie pico. avocado-ranch dressing


isabel.allende’s chili bowl:

vegan house-made chili. quinoa. tomato-veggie pico. kale yeah salad. avocado-ranch dressing. shredded cheddar or vegan cheese. corn tortilla crisps.


alice.walker’s so fresh & so clean bowl:

curry lentil stew. quinoa. kale yeah salad. veggies.

contains cashews + almonds, sf

maya.angelou's church basement plate:

vegan chik'n strips with bbq or maple-sriracha sauce, mackin' cheese and kale yeah salad.