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meet reine bayoc

Reine Bayoc is a maker of delicious things… vegetarian food and desserts are just two of the many. She was born in McKenzie, Tennessee, and grew up in Los Angeles and St. Louis with three brothers, her father, and her mother.

After studying abroad in Lyon, France, where Reine solidified her love of desserts, she graduated from Saint Louis University with degrees in English Literature and French.

After working a few cubicle jobs—while coming home to bake whatever her heart desired, Reine decided to take a shot at the dream of owning and operating a small bakeshop. In December 2008, she opened SweetArt Bakeshop and Art Studio with her husband Cbabi Bayoc.

SweetArt is STILL open and thriving (yay!), and Reine is currently implementing big plans for SweetArt’s bright future.