Cbabi's bio

Cbabi (pronounced Kuh-bob-bi) Bayoc is an artist who has always known, and lived, his calling: creating art which reflects his love of music and family. This was in fact the reason he changed his name in 1997 from Clifford Miskell to Cbabi Bayoc. He wanted a name that when said always sent him a reminder of his purpose in life. Cbabi stands for Creative Black Artist Battling Ignorance and Bayoc (which he waited for his wife to discover) stands for Blessed African Youth of Creativity. Cbabi wanted to have a last name that included the attributes of the wife he was going to bear children with because the last name, he felt, should reflect both parents and not just the father.

In 1995, Bayoc received his Bachelors in Arts from Grambling State University in Grambling, Louisiana. Since that time, he has been fortunate enough to more than make a living as an artist; he has wedged himself into the class of artists who receive accolades and acclaim for their work. With his paint brush, pencil and pen, Bayoc has created a career for himself.

After a summer stint as a caricature artist at Six Flags, Bayoc mastered the style enough to have monthly illustrations in Rap Pages magazine. Various musicians have used Bayocs caricature work on album covers and in music videos. Along with his caricatures, his illustration work has been commissioned by Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, and SIDS Resource.

Keeping a sketch book and pencil in tow wherever he goes, Bayoc recreates life as he sees it daily. His paintings and reproductions are in galleries across the country and in homes throughout the world.

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